Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fire(fighter) In The Hole!

Well, there's a day I'll never get back.

Picture this little scenario: it's a beautiful, warm, sunny day in Philadelphia. You come back from the mall on your day off, and the local boob - we'll call him "Captain Den" - is using his leaf blowers to clean up the billions and billions of leaves his three trees have left strewn across the neighborhood.

He gives you the look, and according to The Code, you are obligated to help. Ugh. Three hours and twelve bags later, many of the leaves are shredded and bagged. Unfortunately, the ancient oak tree still has most of its leaves intact. We'll be doing this again real soon.

After escaping to watch the Michigan/Indiana game, said boob calls and says he has a "problem." His computer is on the fritz, and Mr. Computer Incompetent (read: me) needed to get over there, post haste. I threw on some shoes, kissed the family goodbye - because it was gonna be a long night - and trotted the 100 yards to Casa de Denny. Before I left, however, I snared the cell - just in case this "problem" was over my head.

It was.

It appears that Uncle Den contracted a virus, and one much worse than the one he caught in Haiti. HA! This damned thing was well over my head, so I called Rachel. She grabbed Denny's hand (figuratively) and guided him through the maze of his own computer impotence. An hour or so later, Den's computer was still a $1,500 paperweight. It was rather difficult, since Denny is a product of the Philly public school system. After Rachel told him not to click on the pop-up spyware icon, he did so again, to our amazement. Yikes! He and Rachel will try again tomorrow.

If anyone has any suggestions, he'd appreciate all the help in the world.

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