Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Philadelphia: We're #1

Number one for voting irregularity and outright fraud, that is. Today a legitimate poll watcher was blocked from entering a polling place by a Democrat volunteer who later said (on camera):

"We're telling everyone to vote a straight Democratic ticket."

Or how about this story from my old police district:

"CBS 3 - PHILADELPHIA: Authorities are investigating several claims of voter intimidation in Philadelphia on Election Day.

Officials said approximately a dozen claims were filed stating they were being interfered with as they entered the D and Clearfield polling place in Kensington.

In the 19th Ward, several complaints were filed regarding voters being told who to vote for."

(FYI - These areas primarily vote for Democratic candidates.)

Not to be outdone, the Philly suburb of Lower Merion took the cake:

"PoliticsPA sources say CBS-3 has film footage of Benjamin Eisner, husband of PA-6 candidate Lois Murphy, assaulting a Jim Gerlach volunteer outside of their home polling location in Lower Merion this morning. CBS-3 has not decided whether to air the footage. Eisner was upset a Gerlach for Congress sign was in a camera shot with his wife prior to voting, and grabbed the volunteer."

(FYI - Murphy is the Democrat challenger.)

Can anyone really trust any election results (Democratic or Republican) coming from this political cesspool of a town?

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