Sunday, January 14, 2007

Linky Dinks

Well, we survived Kyle’s first ever birthday party yesterday with a couple thousand dollars worth of home damage, three allergic reactions, and only about a dozen casualties. All in all, it was a good day. Of course, I missed the end, because I had to go to work – my first day since being violently ill. Today, we do it all again with the requisite family party, so I am a little tired.

Thankfully, my blog friends are not, and have posted some pretty interesting things. To wit:

Blogs4Bauerwhere I proudly contributehas all you need to know about the new 24 season, and Monday’s first ever Talk Like Jack Bauer Day.

RT has another limerick contest up at her place. Men from Nantucket need not apply.

Captain Den introduces us to his newest Real American Scumbag: Barbara Boxer.

The Man has a weekend caption contest that will definitely creep you out.

Uber is taking some time off. Don’t worry; she has a very good excuse.

Cowboy Blob also has a caption contest that is, well, bodacious.

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