Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Mayor Of Simpleton

Street fleecing another citizen . . . and taking her watch.

You have to hand it to Philadelphia Mayor John F. (the citizens) Street: he has a way of making people forget Ray Nagin. Check out this unbelievable story from today's Philadelphia Daily News:

Blame Philly gun violence partly on Iraq, mayor says

Wait. It gets better.

"Mayor Street said yesterday that the Iraq war is a contributing factor in the frustrating increase in gun violence and homicides on the streets of the city. Speaking to the Daily News editorial board, Street said the daily dose of violence streaming back in news reports from the Iraq battlefields has changed attitudes in the city."

Because no one was ever murdered before the Iraq war, right, moron?

"'I believe the fact that we are a country at war has something to do with the attitude of people in the streets. Let me tell you, it's not just this city. I have seen it everywhere and I've talked to people a lot about it,' Street said."

This may very well be the dumbest thing that Street has ever said. And for those of us who know the man, this is quite a bold statement. Look Johnny, if you want to blame the 406 Philadelphia homicides last year on something, maybe you should look to the liberal judges. Maybe you should blame your incompetent "crime-fighting" policies. Maybe you should blame it on your utter refusal to hire more police officers.

Or maybe you should blame the gun-toting thugs who were killing each other long before the invasion of Iraq.

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