Saturday, February 24, 2007

BUMPED! Weekend Caption Contest

Hara Kiri Caption Contest. (H/T - Yahoo! Sports)

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Top 5 Entries (Participation was light this week.)

5. Potvin practicing for his off-ice job as the letter "A" (as in Y.M.C.A.) in a Village People tribute group. Watch where he puts that stick! - Uncle Ray
4. Earl never could play hockey again after the Hanson Brothers found out about crazy glue. - Rondey Dill
3. In an attempt to convince his coach he needs a break from the action, he spears himself to draw his own penalty. - RT
2. "My shame for my team forces me to do the only honorable thing. Hockey-Kari." - Deathlok

Winner: "Please stop chanting "Potvin Sucks". I can't take it any more. It's been 2 decades. Get over it." - The Badger

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