Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This is Support Your Local Gunfighter’s 1,500th post. Yeah, I know; I can’t believe I haven’t been canceled yet, either. 1,500 posts is a special milestone, and I wanted to show everyone what the number means to me. It has come up many times in the blog.

1500: My weight on the moon . . . in pounds!

1500: Amount of guns owned by the CUG.

1500: Times I pimped Deathlok and Denny.

1500: Man hours I ignored my family in favor of blogging.

1500: Dollars (per hour) I would require to watch Rosie O’Donnell and The View.

1500: Times Sssteve participated in the weekend caption contest without a win.

1500: Times the words “asshat” and “jerkass” were used in posts.

1500: Times I flirted with Pandy, Rachel, and Uber combined, to no avail.

1500: Amount of posts I thought weren’t good enough to post.

1500: Times I thanked my loyal readers. Actually, we had better make that 1,501. Thank you all very much for your continued support!

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