Tuesday, April 03, 2007

300: The Review

I told you I was not cleaning both of our rooms anymore!

Last week, Denny, my neighbors John and Chris, and Denny's pal Jay and I trekked to the local theater to see 300. The film is a romantic comedy starring Gerard Butler as obsessively neat Leonidas, and Rodrigo Santoro as his roommate, the extraordinarily messy Xerxes. The two share an apartment in Thermopylae, Greece, and spend two hours bickering about everything from relationships to what kind of shield is best: the round or the rectangular kind.

The film has a terrific score, penned by Harry Connick, Jr, and is stocked with a multitude of guest stars. Sandra Bullock plays Leonidas' girlfriend, Blanche. Kate Beckinsale excels in the role of Xerxes' motorcycle stuntgirl/sister Jenni. And Robert DeNiro gives an Oscar Award-winning turn as the roomies' landlord, Zeus. It is a potpourri of heart-warming performances. I was truly touched.

Please, for the good of your inner child, go see this movie.

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