Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Status Interruptus

It's time for the weekly NASCAR Stat Check.

Wait a second, I'm not leading yet. Can we move on? No? Damn. Oh well, Hillbilly Horsepower barely outmaneuvered The Godfather for a tenuous grip (two points) on the lead. I am in third, and within striking distance of the top two. Rachel is behind me - a woman's place - in fourth, and GOP and College is slowly catching the pack. Crap.

After a terrific week, Uncle Ray is back in the game, with Randal nipping at his heels. RT is currently in 8th, and jLow is in 9th.

We're currently sending out a search party for my cousin Ray. Heh.

Oh, and if I may mention a few issues I had with this week's race:

1. Juan Pablo Montoya should make a run back to the border! Tony Raines was having a terrific race for me, when that illegal spun him out near the end of the race. An awesome finish for Raines quickly descended into a mediocre 20th. Thanks, Pedro!

2. If the damned rain had cut the race short, I would have kicked everyone's arse. At the time of the stoppage, Dale Jr was leading, Denny Hamlin was in 5th, Jamie (Don't Call Me Fred) McMurray was in 7th, and Tony Raines was in 12th. All four drivers in the top 12. That would have been sweet!

Thanks again to my Techno-Yoda Rachel for adjusting the stats without the Daytona 500.

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