Saturday, April 21, 2007

And I'm still struggling with the math...

Don't mind me while I jump in here. I know a day without at least one post would kill Wyatt. Just don't ask how I got here... ;)

Lindsay Lohan pulls out of film threesome
That title would be much more ironic if it were referring to a guy.
Lindsay Lohan has seemingly pulled out of a film threesome with Keira Knightley.
I've always thought threesomes involve three people. What am I missing here?
The actress failed to appear on set this week to start shooting new movie 'The Best Times Of Our Lives' - in which she was to take part in a steamy ménage a trois with Keira.
At least the title was fitting. I think most men in America would agree that a ménage a trois with Keira Knightley and Lindsay Lohan would be amongst 'The Best Times Of Our Lives'. Actually, most men would probably consider a ménage a trois with any two women a pretty good day.
Lindsay, 20 is reportedly unhappy with the terms of her contract. A source told Life and Style magazine, "She didn't back out and the producers didn't pull the deal, but there were changes that weren't to her liking, and that was that."
And all over American, hearts of men are breaking...

Remulak, on the other hand, is breathing a sigh of relief and waiting anxiously to see who takes her place.

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