Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekend Caption Contest

Russian Into Custody Caption Contest
(Source: AFP)

"Under arrest : Police arrest an opposition activist in central Moscow during a crackdown on a banned protest in central Moscow.(AFP/Alexander Nemenov)"

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Top 10 Entries:
10. Soldiers demonstrate self-exams. - RT
9. This is why I don't crowd surf. - Big White Hat
8. Desperate for new conscripts, the Russian Army resorts to infiltrating mosh pits. - John D
7. No! Not the Gerbils! - Dennis
6. No! No! Please! Don't feed me to Britney! Aaagghh! - Ator
5. Wyatt getting thrown into the baggage hold on the way back from Disney! - Captain Den
4. Lay off the taint comrade. - The Man
3. Oh my God, it's a snuke! - Roland
2. This is the only way they could throw Sanjaya off American Idol. - Pandy

WINNER! "Carbon Offsets is people!" - Rodney Dill

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