Saturday, April 14, 2007

At Least We'll Be Able To See The Fireball

It appears that Philadelphia City Hall could be the first municipal building to be blasted into orbit. I swear, I think the bosses in my department are getting dumber by the day . . .
Inspectors Find Ammo On 7th Floor, In basement.

ON THE SEVENTH floor of City Hall, near where office workers conduct city business and in a room without fire sprinklers or smoke alarms, the Police Department has been amassing gun ammunition for decades in violation of the fire code.

The Fire Department knew nothing of the stockpile - nor had it been told about another ammunition storage area in the basement - until a fire inspector decided to survey the 105-year-old building for fire hazards last summer.

Fire inspectors were more concerned to discover more than 800 pounds of small-arms ammunition, mostly bullets and magazine rounds, in Room 715 - on the same floor as administrative offices, Ayers said. (H/T - The Philadelphia Daily News)
Unfortunately, I am torn by which organization is more idiotic: Philadelphia Police Department for stockpiling tons of weapons and ammunition in a basement, or The Philadelphia Daily News, who just told the entire terrorist world about the powder keg at Broad and Market Streets.

FYI - First In! actually broke this story inadvertently, since he was the one doing the original inspection. You can read his take on the story HERE.

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