Sunday, April 15, 2007

Philly Firefighter Endorses Killing Cops

It sickens me that this person works alongside some members of my department.
By day, Rodney Jean Jaques is a firefighter in Mount Airy. He's supposed to be one of the good guys. But Jaques, 30, has suddenly landed himself in some serious hot water with the city's Finest, thanks to another song he created with his rapping alter-ego. The hard-driving untitled song, which surfaced on the Internet earlier this week, features lyrics that clearly encourage cop-killing.

"I got a surprise for them cops," Jaques raps, as gunfire erupts in the middle of the song. "I hope the news is taping this, 'cause I'm gonna turn pigs into bacon bits."

On his MySpace.com page - which touts him as "Akbar the Great" - Jaques lists his interests as "drinking cognac, handguns, assault rifles . . . driving fast, sex and any activity that I can get adreneline rush from."

Jaques is stationed at Engine 9 on Germantown Avenue near Carpenter Lane. That same fire station made headlines last year when a black firefighter allegedly put a white pillowcase with eye holes and the initials, "KKKAFFA," in his supervisor's locker. (H/T - The Philadelphia Daily News)
Despicable. A local Fox News reporter caught up with this individual at his home for an interview. Jaques claimed that he never rapped these lyrics. Instead, it was his character "Akbar" who did so. Somehow, if I posted about killing firefighters on SYLG, I doubt I'll be able to hide behind the "Wyatt Earp" moniker. While I do not necessarily think this man should be fired from his job - especially for practicing the free speech privileges that everyone (especially a blogger like myself) enjoys - I also do not think that he should be let off the hook in this case.

Unfortunately, after considering the Philadelphia Fire Department's history of discipline, if Jaques gets a verbal reprimand, I will be completely shocked.

Note: There has been an online petition created to have this moron fired from the Philadelphia Fire Department. If you care to sign it, it can be found HERE.

* Denny at First In! also comments on his co-worker/thug HERE.

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