Sunday, April 15, 2007

Party Of Five

Is anyone else completely drained from last week? Between the Imus debacle, Pelosi's jet-setting, Iran's saber rattling, and the Duke lacrosse case, I am spent. Thus, I wanted to post something mindless today - as opposed to all of the other times I post philosophical works of art - and a simple List Post is just the thing. Consider it my contribution to the dumbing down of America.

Five CD's You Wouldn't Think I'd Own

5. The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Soundtrack.
4. Shakespeare's Sister: Hormonally Yours.
3. Public Enemy: Apocalypse 91 . . . The Enemy Strikes Black.
2. The Best of B.B. King.
1. Frank Sinatra: The Best of the Capitol Years.

Five Not-So-Hot Women I Think Are Kinda Hot

5. Oksana Baiul.
4. Lindsay Lohan.
3. Liv Tyler.
2. Mary Lynn Rajskub.
1. Rebecca Lobo.

Five Things I Really Suck At

5. Basketball. I am King of the Bricks.
4. Home Improvement. I don't know a hammer from a pair of pliers.
3. Golf. If I break 110, it's a very good day.
2. Public Speaking. I'd be more comfortable sleeping with Rosie O'Donnell.
1. Ice Hockey. In 25 games this season, I have 6 points. Ouch.

Five Things I Am Really Good At

5. Sarcasm. Nobody does it better.
4. Video games. I am still a child at heart.
3. Shooting. My worst qualification score ever is a 94.
2. Bar Shuffleboard. This year, my co-worker Rob and I are undefeated.
1. Trivia. I am chock full o' useless knowledge . . . and Twinkies!

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