Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Really, honey, I love poetry

So, tell me. How many of the male readers at SYLG would ever go see a movie about a poet (without a gun at your head)? My guess is zero. If your wife or girlfriend asked, you would probably swallow a bottle of Drano before allowing yourself to be roped into that.

"What could possibly be more boring than a movie about a guy who writes poetry," you're probably thinking.

Unless the poet was Dylan Thomas. You see, the movie that Lindsay Lohan quit, the one with the ménage a trois, the one that now has Sienna Miller in the cast,

is a movie about a poet.

The biggest irony of all in this is thinking of some big dumb guy who now desperately wants to see this movie, begging his wife to go see what might seem like a chick flick at first glance. She'll wonder why her husband who has never volunteered to go see any movie without guns or comic book heroes suddenly wants to see a movie about a poet. Let's hope for his sake, that she doesn't find out about that scene before the tickets are bought.

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