Friday, May 11, 2007

Weekend Caption Contest

Czech This Out Caption Contest
(Source: AFP)

Actual caption: "Walking Trabant : Czech artist David Cerny poses in front of his "Walking Trabant" sculpture in the garden of the German embassy in Prague." (AFP/Michal Cizek)

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Top 10 Entries:
10. The left unveils its answer to global warming: cyborg cars that walk instead of using a combustion engine. "Stampeding is an unfortunate side-effect, but we're working on it," said Al Gore, a major backer of the project. Another problem is the size of its droppings, as the "Car-ivore" subsists on grass which it does not digest well. - Pam
9. "I created this piece, in honor of the winner of the Ugliest legs contest......... RT!!!" - Sssteve
8. Wyatt's decision to trade in his new Saturn SUV for an Eco-Friendly fag-mobile leaves the car salesman perplexed... "I really thought he was ready for an SUV, but I guess I misread the signals" the salesman was quoted as saying. - Captain America
7. "Gore did WHAT?" - McCain
6. "You know how hard it is to pee when a car walks up and stares?" - Redneck
5. A model design of GM's new Saturn: The Flintstone-mobile. All the power of a foot-powered vehicle but without the fear of blisters for the driver. On the left, the inventor shows the downside to using a prehistoric fishbone as a hair comb. - Vinnie Antonelli
4. The car can kick 4 hippies at once. - The Man
3. Fulfilling the liberals' wet dream, a gay, communist scientist figures out how to combine aborted fetuses and solar power in automobiles to combat global warming. It is also made out of explosive material, as an appeasement to terrorists, and is completely outsourced to countries hostile to the US. - JimmyB
2. "I'd used Hilary as the model for the legs, but I didn't have enough bronze for the cankles!" - Cowboy Blob

WINNER! - "In Soviet Russia the car tires kick you." - Rodney Dill

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