Friday, May 11, 2007

The Game Of The Century

Or, at least the past month or so. Last night we won the must-win Game 2 of the finals. By one goal. In overtime. It was an ugly, hard-fought game that saw Vinnie score yet another hustle goal, me get my first penalty of the year (bye-bye, Lady Bing Trophy), and saw Badger get decked. The latter was not so much fun.

Badger cleared the zone and headed toward our bench. Some cheap shot bastard skated by him, hooked his skates, and tugged. Badger, already skating fast, was pulled down onto his chest and slammed head-first into the boards.

He lay there for about five minutes.

As we all plotted the attackers brutal demise - he wears #96 by the way - we tried to get Badger on his feet. Finally, he arose, and was trying to get his bearings. The referee, who was an a-hole all night, demanded that he "get off the ice." This just after he suffered a head injury. Badger, obviously, didn't take that very well, and unleashed a tirade of sentence enhancers not seen since Pandy gave birth. The result? The referees gave him a game misconduct penalty and threw him out of the game.

Thankfully, some good came out of it. It fired up the squad, and we went on to tie the game in the third period, then win it in overtime. Sunday night is judgment day. If we win, we're champs. If not, well then . . . not. Wish us luck.

By the way, here's a little glimpse at what last night's game entailed:

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