Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Few Thoughts On A Sunny Saturday In Philadelphia

Just a few odds and ends to start your weekend:

1. A man without a gas-powered, self-propelled Craftsman Advantage lawn mower is not a man. Today I fired up our brand spanking new machine, and cut about an hour off my mow time with our *gasp* electric POS.

2. The blogger formerly known as Captain D** has changed his name. Chalk up another victory for the liberal moonbat P.C. crowd in Philadelphia. Click the above link for the story.

3. Aaron at Lifelike Pundits talks about pussy. Fear not, it's not what you think.

4. The Right Wing Prof sheds some light on a very interesting PA Sheriff's race. The best candidate isn't the one you would assume.

5. RT describes her lost weekend, er, summer when she went hippie and trekked out to L.A. I wonder if she shaved her armpits?

6. Uber's back (sort of). And she brought pics! The peasants rejoice.

7. ALa exposes more MSM idiocy. And this time, it hits close to home.

8. Rachel had the most important day of her work life this week. Stop by and see if she survived.

9. My friend Bill and I are going to see Spider-Man 3 tonight. No link here, but it's a great excuse to post a pic of Kirsten Dunst.

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