Sunday, December 16, 2007

Alycia Lane: Making Her Own News

CBS 3's Alycia Lane - "Alleged" Cop-Assaulting Scumbag.

Once again, it's the hot ones that are whacked out of their skull.
December 16, 2007 -- A foxy Philly anchorwoman - who once e-mailed sexy swimsuit snaps to a married TV talking head - became an anger woman yesterday, calling a female cop a "dyke bitch" and slugging her in the face, law-enforcement sources said.

The bizarro incident occurred when Alycia Lane, an Emmy Award-winning anchor for KYW-TV in Philadelphia, was riding in a cab with hunky radio DJ boyfriend Chris Booker and another couple when their taxi was stalled behind a slow-moving, unmarked police car, sources said.

When the unmarked car stopped for a light at Ninth Avenue and 17th Street in Chelsea, one of the men in Lane's cab went over to the vehicle and yelled, "I don't care if you're a cop, drive faster!" the sources said.

One of the three cops, a woman, told the TV anchor to back away, saying, "You can take pictures, but you have to step back," the sources said.

That's when Lane went nuts, shouting, "I don't care that you're a cop - dyke bitch!" the sources said. Then she walloped the officer in the face, the sources said.
(H/T - New York Post)
Now that's classy!

Let's make sure that I'm not missing anything:
  • Comes to town almost divorced, gets divorced, and meets up with her soon-to-be second husband.
  • Goes on Dr. Phil to see if she should marry him.
  • After Dr. Phil tells her she's probably not really ready, she marries the guy and dumps him a few months later.
  • She proceeds to use her wedding as fodder for a sweeps period.
  • She sends the infamous bikini photos to Rich Eisen of The NFL Network.
  • She dates a separated anchor from NYC.
  • Dumps or is dumped by him.
  • Takes up with Booker from Q102.
  • Punches a cop in the face.
What are the chances that CBS3 will be airing this story tonight? Probably pretty slim. It's amazing how the Philly media keeps stories close to the vest when it involves one of their own.

UPDATE: It's one day removed from the arrest, and still no mention of it on Lane's station, CBS3. This sounds like a news story to me. Hmm . . .

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