Sunday, March 09, 2008

Shocking News

Sorry about the light posting yesterday, but unfortunately, we didn't have any lights.

The same storm that buried Ohio in a blanket of snow - serves ya right for voting for Hillary Clinton - pummeled the Philly area with heavy rains and gale force winds. As a result, the Earp Compound lost power from 6pm through 1am, and considering we got screwed out of an hour of sleep - lousy Daylight Savings Time - it's been a hectic two days.

Mental note: When you let the kids play Dungeon Explorer with the house flashlights, remember to charge them in case of emergency. Otherwise, you'll be up a creek when the power goes out.

Hopefully, the power was on in South Jersey. I would hate to think that Deathlok missed Amy Adams host Saturday Night Live!

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