Monday, April 07, 2008

The Final 2007-08 FHL Standings

The final stats. Click to embiggen.

Congratulations go out to The Badger, who won our fantasy hockey league this year - and a couple of hundred bucks for 1st Place. Bastard. He finished 17 points ahead of OtherKev (my friend from Tucson) with the help of Detroit's Henrik Zetterberg and Pittsburgh's Sergei Gonchar, and kept the lead throughout most of the season.

In other news:
  • OtherKev enjoyed his best season ever, finishing in 2nd Place with 478 points. Not too shabby for Arizona's only hockey fan!
  • Grimjack employed liberal (heh, heh, "liberal") doses of points from his forwards to stay in the game, but his goaltender (Martin Brodeur) propelled him to a very nice 5th Place finish. Good show, Grim!
  • Deathlok (Pinchy) tied yours truly for 6th Place, after laying down for the last two weeks of the season. I reckon he was doing his Paris Hilton impersonation.
  • Forget Iraq: my surge was working! After hovering in 7th for much of the last month, my players came on like gangbusters to tie Deathlok (Pinchy) for 6th overall. Yeah, I know 6th still sucks, but it's better than 7th, right?
  • My brother-in-law Fish took 9th Place, primarily because he spent draft night choosing guys who weren't playing - read: Teemu Selanne and Peter Forsberg. Not the best move, but at least he's not . . .
  • MoDo (Vincent Antonelli). Vinnie finished dead last, and received the coveted "Monkey Humping a Football logo for his trouble. What's worse is that he made far too many drunken sidebets on draft night, so he is out a nice hunk of change today, as well. Ouch.
Oh well, it was a fun season, and now we get to focus upon Deathlok's infamous Playoff Pool. If there are any NHL fans left out there who want to get in one the action (it's only $5 to enter, and the pot is usually huge), check it out HERE.

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