Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Roger Clemens Linked With Mindy McCready

So, not only was Roger Clemens allegedly injecting himself with steroids, but he was also (allegedly) injecting himself into country star Mindy McCready. Heh.

Roger Clemens had a decade-long relationship with country star Mindy McCready that began when she was a 15-year-old aspiring singer and the pitcher was a Boston Red Sox ace, the New York Daily News reported.

Clemens' lawyer, Rusty Hardin, confirmed a long-term relationship but told the newspaper it was not sexual.

"He flatly denies having had any kind of an inappropriate relationship with her," Hardin said. "He's considered her a close family friend. ... He has never had a sexual relationship with her." (H/T - The Chicago Tribune)

Even if the relationship was not sexual, what the hell is a 28-year old baseball player doing with a 15-year old singer? He sure wasn't giving her singing lessons. This entire incident stinks to high heaven. It's inappropriate at best, criminal at worst.

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