Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mugabe Calls U.S. Diplomat A "Prostitute"

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: pimpin' ain't easy.

(CNN) -- Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has warned against outside influences in next month's run-off election, likening one American diplomat to a "prostitute" and threatening to oust another from his country.

The label was ironic, especially coming from a man who obviously pays for sex.

"Zimbabwe cannot be British, it cannot be American. Yes, it is African," said Mugabe, whose speech Sunday was quoted Monday in The Herald, the state-run newspaper.

Really? Zimbabwe, Africa is actually in Africa? You sir, just blew my mind!

"You saw the joy that the British had, that the Americans had, and saw them here through their representatives celebrating and acting as if we Zimbabwe are either an extension of Britain or ... America. You saw that little American girl [U. S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer] trotting around the globe like a prostitute..."

Um, Mr. President, have you seen a picture of this woman? If she's a prostitute, she's probably going to need a second job. I'm just sayin'.

Mugabe went on to say that U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe James McGee would be expelled from the country if he "persisted in meddling in Zimbabwe's electoral process," the newspaper reported.

Expelled from Zimbabwe. Yeah, that's a punishment.

The fallout from Zimbabwe's stalled election has brought international criticism, with Frazer taking the most emphatic stance. In April, Frazer accused Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe for nearly three decades, of "trying to steal the election" and "intimidating the population and election officials as well." (H/T - CNN)

So, if I am reading this last paragraph correctly, Mugabe is Zimbabwe's version of Barack Obama? I wonder if you can pull out a race card in Africa?

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