Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekend Caption Contest

Head Ball! Caption Contest
(Source: AFP)

Original Caption: Champions clash : Chelsea's English midfielder Joe Cole (L) vies with Manchester United's English defender Rio Ferdinand during the final of the UEFA Champions League football match at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow. Manchester United won on penalties.

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Top Ten Entries:

10. Hey, get out of there. People are starting to talk. - Leoni2
9. Head-to-Head. - Randal Graves
8. The reason the Full-Contact Professional Leap-Frog League (FCPLFL) never caught on in the U.S. - Too many "head injuries." - B.C.
7. "No, dammit! You're still doing it wrong!" - Darth Bacon
6. The spinner landed on right ear left thigh. I swear this is the gayest twister game I ever played. - Molly
5. I said "headbutt the ball" not "show me head, butt and balls!" - Mope
4. Who said no one ever scores in soccer? - The Man
3. Nintendo was forced to issue a recall on it's newest release, the Wii Fit, after glitches in the program prompted scenes like this. - Deathlok
2. All the cops at the donut shop go Way-oh, Way-oh. Walk like an Egyptian. - Cowboy Blob

WINNER! - The contestants are "head over heels" in the "Barack Obama Look-Alike Competition!" - Uncle Ray

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