Saturday, May 24, 2008

bRight And Early Turns Three Today!

Today is the third blogiversary of bRight & Early. If you are one of the hundreds of bloggers who installed his Blogiversary List in your sidebar, you already know him. If not, then you should make his acquaintance, post haste.

Why? Because Jim is good people. Okay, he's a good person, but that doesn't fit the figure of speech. I first met Jim over at Blogs4Bauer, where we both post. Since then, we've e-mailed, read each other's blogs, and competed against each other in fantasy leagues. We get along well, because we usually think alike - as scary as that is - but I would say he is the better blogger. For some unknown reason, I seem to have a larger audience now, but he is the one you all should be reading.

I especially wanted to make mention of Jim's blogiversary because, as Tony Stark said in Iron Man, he's "working on something big." Unfortunately, we can't mention it yet, but it should be ready by the first week of June.

And trust me, the announcement will be huge.

Jim has done a lot for me, and a lot for SYLG. I would like to return the favor by sending him a few new readers. Please stop by his blog today and congratulate him on three year's worth of bloggy goodness. Thanks!

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