Saturday, May 17, 2008

What Was Wyatt Thinking?

Wyatt must have started drinking ahead of his trip, leaving me the keys to SYLG.

For those who don't know me my name is Jim and I usually blog at bRight & Early. I also contribute at the best 24 site on the net - Blogs.4Bauer.com

I live in Central Florida now, but grew up in South Jersey (Glassboro, if anyone's interested). I do have a standing rule that any blog friends that come to see the Florida rodent have to get in touch while they're here.

My first political memory is watching the 1964 GOP nomination convention. The Goldwater supporters had these really cool plastic canes filled with water and gold glitter. At least it was pretty cool to an eight year old kid.

When living in South Carolina I volunteered for Congressman Floyd Spence. I served as GOP county chairman for one of the smallest counties in SC and ran for mayor of a very small town. (Interesting side note: all three candidates had to run as write-ins since the long term mayor didn't announce that he wasn't running until after the filing deadline. Oh, and I came in third.)

I started bRight & Early three years ago shortly after I discovered that blogs even existed. Like many others I started blogging with the (probably mistaken) belief that "I can do that too".

I'll do my best to keep up the high standards of SYLG. Thank goodness the bar isn't set that high.

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