Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dorothy Krysiuk Is Leaving Fox 29!

This is not happening. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!

As regular readers can tell you, Dorothy is the traffic gal on the local FOXNews affiliate. She’s dreamy, and I love her. (Figuratively, of course – I’m not a stalker.) There is no one in the tri-state area that is a bigger fan of hers than I. And that is why I am depressed today.

The traffic jam between Dorothy Krysiuk and Fox29 was over hours, as management wanted Krysiuk to add the 5 p.m. show to her day. Krysiuk is the traffic person for “Good Day Philadelphia,” which begins at 5 a.m. Other traffic reporters such as John Ogden of NBC10 and Bob Kelly of CBS3 work the morning and evening shifts.

Krysiuk did not immediately return an email and Fox29 also did not respond to a previous email about why Krysiuk was leaving the station.

Krysiuk, a Temple University graduate worked for Fox29 since 2001, and before that was on Channel 10.

As terrific as it would be to see Dorothy once every twelve hours, I can’t condemn her for not wanting to do both shows. (Of course, I couldn’t condemn her if she came on this blog and told me my writing made her violently ill. This is Dorothy we’re talking about!) Putting in a 12+ hour workday would be terrible for her hair that resembles spun gold, her alabaster skin, and her sunny disposition.

Sources are saying that Dorothy wants to “take a break from television,” and will not be signing on with another outlet. You thought I was grumpy and miserable in the mornings now? Wait until you see me without my daily dose of Dorothy!

Somewhere, the other angels are crying.

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