Thursday, August 07, 2014

Company Makes Lamps For Women’s Headlights

Sasswear has created lighted LED pasties. This may be the stupidest idea of all time, because no man worth his salt needs to be reminded where women’s breasts are located.

Though inspired by music festivals and raves, Sasswear’s Light Up Pasties shouldn’t be pigeon holed to these non-everyday events. The entire line of Light Up Pasties uses hypo-allergenic, reusable adhesive so no extra tape or glue is necessary to apply them, and removal is probably around 25 times easier than the One-Handed Bra Unclasp.

Light Up Pasties come in half a dozen different shapes and as many colors. The included batteries last over 20 hours and are replaceable when tapped. Sasswear also notes that their LEDs light up the pasties’ entire surface area, and their rainbow flash of colors can be seen several blocks away.

These are now mandatory for the co-bloggers. I’m wearing mine now, and they feel kinda sexy. That don’t make me queer, right?


  1. So this is where you're hiding out!

  2. Old blog died. I was sued for copyright infringement for posting a photo from teh innerwebz. Cost me a lot of money.

  3. Yeah, $1,500 lighter. Now I have to shake down more drug dealers. :)

  4. Shaking down drug dealers will work as well. I have no real experience doing though.

    Sorry to hear about your issues.