Saturday, August 02, 2014

Rent-A-Gent Promises You Won’t Get Bent

A new website is offering all the perks of hiring a male escort… without the worrisome hassle of having sex.

Rent-a-Gent is a new offering with a twist; the men on its books are contractually obligated not to have sexual encounters with clients.

Operating in 12 states from all corners of the U.S. and gaining fast popularity, the men on the Rent a Gent books are all deemed handsome, intelligent, and multi-talented, and you can hire them as companions for $200 an hour.

To investigate the Rent a Gent concept, 32-year-old writer Melanie Berliet, based in New York, booked Anthony; an actor and fitness instructor, for a three hour liaison. “He was, without a doubt, a true gentleman, and a naturally amiable, well-educated guy.”

Pfft, so am I, and as an added bonus, I guarantee I’ll bang ya! (I’m not kidding. I literally have no standards.)

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