Monday, December 22, 2014

Calling In A Prayer Strike

Longtime reader, snarky commenter, and close, personal Internet friend Easily Lost will be undergoing a procedure at 7am. It involves her heart, and a catheterization.

Obviously, E.L. is a teeny bit stressed. So are her friends and family.

That includes me. E.L. has been here long enough to be elevated to family status. I worry about her and obviously want to see her well - especially this close to Christmas. So please join me in sending up a few prayers for this lousy heathen. :)

Good luck, E.L. I expect you back here snarking by week's end!


  1. Count me in, Wyatt.

    Get well soon, EL.

  2. Prayers heading her way.

  3. Get Well Soon EL prayers sent

  4. This "lousy heathen" thanks you from the bottom of her diseased Wiccan heart. I was more than a "teeny bit" stressed, I am pretty sure Wyatt pealed me off the ceiling a few times in the last couple of weeks.

    As a public service announcement let me tell you, a healthy diet, excellent bp (110/60), and great cholesterol levels (150), mean absolutely nothing if your genetics suck.

  5. E.L. - Nice to hear you're safe and sound. Now heal up quickly. Since Ellen is taking the holidays off, there is a snark black hole swallowing this place.