Monday, December 29, 2014

Good News, Everyone!

Jeb Freakin' Bush is the current front-runner for the GOP nod in 2016.

Jeb Bush is the clear Republican presidential frontrunner, surging to the front of the potential GOP pack following his announcement that he's "actively exploring" a bid, a new CNN/ORC poll found.

He takes nearly one-quarter — 23% — of Republicans surveyed in the new nationwide poll, putting him 10 points ahead of his closest competitor, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who tallied 13%.

Jeb Bush then Chris Christie? Is that what the GOP has been reduced to, because if so, I'll probably sit 2016 out.


  1. While not thrilled with the current stock of GOP retreads, Jeb Bush would likely make an excellent President. If you have heard him speak, he comes off much better and smarter than his party boy brother. He has executive branch experience from Florida and he knows much about the healthcare system in this country and he speaks Spanish and has a Mexican wife.

  2. Ingineer66 - Meh, maybe. I just hate this GOP obsession with seeking out the most electable candidate, instead of the most conservative. They tried it with McCain and Romney, and it failed miserably.

  3. If Romney, Christie or Bush gets the GOP nomination, I will set 2016 out.
    As will many other Conservatives