Monday, December 29, 2014

Pork Fat Rules!

A Massachusetts woman brought pork products to her local police station in order to "feed the pigs."

Framingham Police Lieutenant Harry Wareham tells Boston.com Lindsey McNamara entered the station Friday morning with a Dunkin' Donuts box full of raw bacon and sausage. He says she approached an officer with a "great smile on her face" and said she was there to "feed the pigs." He says she then took the meat from the box and smeared it on the window. She was arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property.

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I would welcome a box full o' bacon and sausage. The only real crime here is wasting it on a window.


  1. She sounds like a helpful, supportive citizen just trying to express her gratitude for the hard work police officers do. It's a shame the big, bad cops didn't appreciate her.

  2. Jenn - Like, "appreciating her" with some pepper spray? It's great on sausage. One spray and you're south of the border!

    Ellen - The Lord loves his bacon.

  3. I saw the picture and didn't get much further. That is one thing I reallllllllly miss, all that lovely, fat dripping, fried bacon :|

  4. E.L. - And you will never have it again, because your heart is more important than bacon!!!

  5. She needs committed for wasting the bacon and sausage.