Saturday, December 27, 2014

Training Day

Today is a big day for Kyle. It is the first day of soccer practice for incoming freshmen at Father Judge High School. The coach will have an open practice today for all those interested in trying out for the team in the fall, then the athletes will be broken up into teams before a five-game indoor soccer season.

I told Kyle to treat this as his tryout, and to take it very seriously.

Kyle had no desire to play soccer in high school. He has been playing since he was in first grade, and was starting to get burned out. This season, his new CYO coach lit a fire under him, and gave him a new appreciation of the game. The coach also contacted the Judge coach, who contacted us and asked if Kyle was interested in playing. Kyle excitedly said yes.

Now, there is no guarantee he will make the team, since there may be many goaltenders trying out. I am confident in Kyle's abilities, especially in indoor, where he seems to play much better. It will help that at least three of his club teammates will be there today, and that may help with his pending butterflies.

I know Kyle is good enough to make this team. I just hope his new coach sees that. If not, he will get past it, and focus his attention on the high school lacrosse team.


  1. Best of luck Kyle

  2. Kyle has mega talent. He will do great.

  3. Rick - He played well yesterday, and amazingly, he actually said he played well. He never says that.

    E.L. - There were only two goalies, which is good for his chances. And the coach already gave him a nickname: "Goody."