Saturday, January 03, 2015

Fight Club

William Mattson has (allegedly) been a very bad boy, and he was punished severely for it.

William Mattson, 52, was charged with criminal sexual conduct after police were called to a home in Conway early Thursday morning.

A man apparently found the suspect in a bedroom on top of his girlfriend. Police said the boyfriend then started striking the suspect with his fist and drove him from the house to the front lawn.

Deputies said the boyfriend was “acting in defense for the victim.”

Shout out to the Conway, SC police, who know a justifiable defense when they see one.


  1. Homeboy looks like he's ready for a guest shot on The Walking Dead. As a zombie.

  2. John - And soon he will know what it feels like to be a woman...

  3. Looks like he must have "fell down" while they were detaining him.

  4. Ingineer - If I read the story correctly, the boyfriend was almost bragging about the beat down. Good for him.

  5. I read the story, I was being a smart ass to how he could end up looking like that. One of the construction inspectors on my crew got hit one night by a drunk that was driving in the dirt to try and pass the pilot car. The contractors guys chased him down, did a felony car stop, pulled him out and beat him until the police arrived and said that he must have fallen down getting out of the car.
    I agree, good for the boyfriend. The perp is lucky he survived.

  6. Ingineer - Awesome story. Heh, "he fell down."