Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

Yeah, I set this to post at 10am because I knew most of you lousy drunks probably aren't even awake yet. That said, a brand new year is here, and I am ready to improve myself!

(No, not really; I'm already pretty close to perfect.)

As with every holiday season, I put on the pounds; and like every new year, I will shed them by bikini season. I'd really like to get this damned second book finished, if not for the accomplishment, at least for the found money - and possibly the fame. There is nothing more satisfying than sleeping on a pile of money, with many beautiful (and hopefully, redheaded) ladies.

Other than that, I'd like to keep it simple. I would like to be somewhat healthy this year. I'd like the cancer to not come back, and I'd kinda like to see January 1, 2016.

Hopefully you guys will have a happy and healthy - especially healthy - new year.


  1. Happy New year to all. I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy new year. I am looking forward to a full year of wit, snark,chuckles and even learning a few things here.

  2. Jack - Sorry, this is a No Learn Zone.

  3. My resolution is just to live through this year. (yeah I have low expectations)

    And thanks a lot for mentioning bikini season, I mean seriously? They are calling for a high of -4 on Monday.

    Stay safe, and have a great year.

  4. E.L. - You will live through this year, and many years after that. You are not allowed to "leave" before I do. That's an order, dammit!

  5. Copper, has anyone ever told you that you are kind of bossy? Besides me of course.
    I'll do my best to hang around a few more years, who else can aggravate the heck out of you quite like me.