Tuesday, January 06, 2015

King Thong

Professional tennis player - and smokin' hot robo-babe - Caroline Wozniacki has been released from an underwear deal by JBS.

Former tennis world number one Caroline Wozniacki has been dropped from an underwear deal… after her male counterpart Cristiano Ronaldo’s brand became too successful.

Scnadinavian company JBS launched a Caroline Wozniacki range of women's underwear in 2012, before signing Real Madrid star Ronaldo for his CR7 range in 2013.

The Ronaldo deal has proved a huge success for JBS - so much so, that it prompted a rethink over Wozniacki’s role.

Why would a company be stupid enough to alienate half its audience? Keep the cheesecake for the men and the beefcake for the women. If I wore underwear - I don't; commando all the way - I certainly wouldn't support JBS after this.


  1. " I certainly wouldn't support JBS after this."
    And JBS doesn't support you...if you catch my drift!

  2. Ellen - Cut me some slack. It was the closest, most post-appropriate title I could find.

    Proof - Great. Now what will I do about my sagging areas?