Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Liberals Disrespect WWII Veteran

Why let facts - or a true American hero - get in the way of a good liberal protest?

A town hall meeting with U.S. Sen Ron Wyden was called off Saturday when "hands up, don't shoot" protests broke out. The event, at Portland Community College's Southeast Campus, was canceled after 45 minutes.

Wyden persuaded the protesters to be silent, briefly, promising he would allow them to air their concerns early in the event. They were silent as Wyden awarded medals for heroism during World War II to 100-year-old Navy veteran Dario Raschio.

So these Obama fans shut their damned cake holes long enough for a WWII hero to be honored, then immediately started chanting, "Hands up, don't shoot" - which, for the one millionth time, is a 100% false narrative.

According to witness testimony, Michael Brown never had his hands up, and never said, "Don't shoot." F**king idiots.

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  1. These morons need to be horse whipped