Friday, January 02, 2015

Play-Doh Gets A Little Blue

Apparently, Hasbro's quality control specialists thought this toy was a-ok for teh chidrens.

Hasbro, the Pawtucket-based toy company, is now doing damage control over the extruder tool in its Play-Doh Cake Mountain toy. The two-piece syringe-like tool, which includes a tube with corkscrew-type ridges around the outside and a dome-shaped top with a hole at the tip, can be used to squeeze Play-Doh to look like decorative cake frosting.

From my experience, that looks more like an intruder tool than an extruder. Here's a question: what does it look like when someone cleans this tool? Will flushing it with water do the trick, or do you have to really rub the outside with your hands?


  1. There is a genius at Hasbro
    Who designed an extruder for Play-Doh.
    It resembled a toy
    That's used for joy,
    And had everyone saying, "Dildo!"

    (Yeah, its Texas Nick. I can't figure out how to log in here.)

  2. Ellen - Or someone with a snarky sense of humor. Wait, did you ever work for Hasbro?

    Nick - Go into Name/URL. Write your nickname and put in any url, like google.com. You'll be good to go.

  3. I just know it feels really good when the PlayDoh comes out!

  4. Pervs the lot of ya.
    No wonder I stick around :P

  5. I'm sure most of the sales were to adults... ;)

  6. Proof - You want a nap afterward, though.

    E.L. - Yeah, I was waiting for the rest of that comment... since you're just like us!

    John - IF not before, definitely now.