Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Parent Trap

Well, it's official: the world has gone absolutely bat-shit insane.

Thousands of men and women are using dating-like websites to find a partner to have a baby with through artificial insemination. The platonic couples then share the child without a binding legal agreement.

In 2008, Franz Sof began co-parents.co.uk in order to meet someone to bring up a child with, but since then his website has gained 10,000 members.

Three websites report more than a 30 per cent who become members are looking to co-parent, while the rest are either volunteering to be a sperm donor, or are seeking one.

So basically, you are time-sharing a human being, but instead of enjoying a warm, Florida resort, you share dirty diapers and the inevitable monthly payments to psychologists.


  1. Ellen - The ones who think this is a god idea are.

  2. Cue The Doors:


    It was either People are Strange or People are Crazy

  3. MelP - In this case, both would apply.

  4. For people like this, babies are nothing more than a fashion accessory.

  5. God will be judging us soon or he will be offering an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah