Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Come For A Visit

After murdering SYLG2 with extreme prejudice and taking almost a month off, I realize I have alienated some readers. Others simply went about their lives in despair, knowing my special - "special" like Corky from Life Goes On - brand of writing was gone forever. Now I have to win back readers, and my initial plan of posting once a day and taking weekends off was not my brightest idea.

(My brightest idea was a pickle on a stick - or "stickle" - but that's another story.)

Any hoo, for those of you new here, thank you for stopping by. If you just came for the babe pics, which was the only thing keeping this blog going while SYLG2 thrived, thank you as well. My posting schedule is not as regular as it was before, time-wise, so if you'd like, you can receive posts via email by clicking here. Otherwise, just stop in when it suits you - or you're bored, drunk, etc.

I appreciate the regulars hanging with me as I work through my many neuroses. All I can promise from here on out is I will work hard for your readership.


  1. Guess I am one of your oldies....but no doubt, goodies!

  2. Metoo - You're my goodiest goodie!

  3. I missed your wit and snarkism

  4. You could just pay us to be subject to your wit and charm...

  5. Rick - Thanks. Although with me, it's half-wit.

    Rob - How's two-bits sound? (Yes, I realize that is overpriced.)