Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Let's Play "Guess The State"

Meet Ryan Patrick Bautista (left) and Leanne Hunn (right). Wait, that's a woman??

Anyway, Ryan and Leanne are a modern-day Bonnie and Clod. Their love is eternal, and they were not going to sit idly by while "the man" threatened their inseparable hearts.

A standoff began Wednesday night when Jacksonville Sheriffs responded to a call about Michael Forte, 34, who was wanted on several warrants including armed burglary. Deputies were also looking for Bautista, who also had several warrants, including armed burglary.

Bautista and Hunn reacted to the police visit by barricading themselves inside a mobile home and refusing to leave for more than six hours

At some point during the standoff, Hunn told police she would give herself up but not until she had sex with Bautista “one last time.” The couple apparently had an audience for their "last time" lovemaking session.

Okay, I have two questions. First, why is it always Florida? Second, why do stories about sex always feature couples who are so ugly they'd have to Trick or Treat by phone?

This ain't no Bradley Cooper-Jessica Biel pairing, I can assure you.


  1. Bet their mommas are real proud of the love these 2 things have for each other. The thought of them having sex makes me happy to be single.

  2. Cathy - It makes me happy I'm married, because THIS is what is out there now.

  3. Like the riddle, what's the difference between a divorce in Arkansas and a hurricane?
    Either way, someone's going to lose a trailer!

  4. Someone for everyone, indeed. Hope they can't procreate.

  5. Mike - Methinks these two live under the trailer.

    Metoo - Every snot needs a lid.

  6. It must be something in the water in Florida