Friday, October 23, 2015

Where There's A Will, There's A Weigh

Since I was a teenager, I have battled high cholesterol. Unlike others, my numbers were high because of genetics, not what I stuffed into my gullet. I currently take six pills a day to keep the numbers under control, and have blood tests every three months. (The meds can wreak havoc on my liver.)

In July, my numbers were good, but my sugars were high. I weighed in at 212 pounds at 5'9". The doctor told me if I did not get my sugars down, he would put me on pre-diabetes medicine. His remedy for avoiding that nightmare scenario was a brand new diet/lifestyle, which including eliminating carbohydrates from my diet.

Now, I am not exactly a person who wields willpower like a lightsaber. I don't drink much, but I eat like a fiend; moreso when I am stressed. (And you folks who know me realize I am stressed every hour of every day.) The doc, however, scared me straight. I could do this, I told myself, if I sucked it up and worked on it.

I now average about twenty carbs a day - I don't miss sugary foods, soft pretzels, and pizza at all - and walk at least four miles every day I can get out.

I stepped on the scale yesterday and it read 181.6.

In three months, I've lost 31 pounds, have gotten rid of a ton of clothes, and an mow easily fitting into larges, instead of the dreaded XLs. (One female co-worker snarkily asked if I had AIDS.) In fact, I look exactly like Chris Hemsworth (above), if I grew my hair, dyed it, lifted weights, and had facial reconstruction surgery. Otherwise? Dead ringer!

If you're looking to shed some pounds, consider cutting down on your carbs. You don't have to go all Nazi with it like I did, but cutting out sugars, potatoes, and breads will do wonders. I'm living proof.

There's a before and after pic below the fold.

Sorry for the expression on the right. Not sure why I'm squinting, and not smiling.


  1. Anyways, now that I can comment again...

    CONGRATULATIONS! Good job man!

  2. Loki - Thanks. It's nice fitting into regular clothes which don't look like circus tents. I walked 2.5 miles last night during Erik's soccer practice, and found myself jogging half that amount. I haven't this good since college.

  3. I am currently stunt double for the Michelin tire man. Hoping to lose that job soon!

  4. Congrats! You will soon be a shadow of your former self!

  5. Wyatt, you did a great job losing that weight since you started in July. I remember the post you had about making a change and how difficult you thought it would be. I think your co worker is attracted to you, sees the Hemsworth similarities is more comfortable asking you what she did. At first glance at the picture on the right, I thought you had put up a picture of Jason Statham. Again, congratulations.

  6. Mike - Stunt doubles get all the babes, though.

    Metoo - Six more pounds. I'll be very happy at 175.

    Jack - She's a doll, and very nice. I would turn her sour. The Asian waitress we had tonight at dinner would do nicely, though. Good lord, she was gorgeous, and had a BTWQ (Butt That Won't Quit).

  7. Congratulations
    I know how hard it is fighting the battle of the bulge