Thursday, October 22, 2015

Taking The Rohrbach Test

I know what you're thinking: this is another one of Wyatt's fluff posts written solely to draw out readers and comments. Well, yes and no.

This is Kelly Rohrbach, a 25-year old smoking hawt model who any man would pluck out his own eyes to bang. Kelly is gorgeous and she knows it - I hate women like that - but instead of calling me, she shacked up with Leonardo Freakin' DiCaprio.

She's managed to pin down Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio. And it's not hard to see why Kelly Rohrbach has succeeded in winning the 40-year-old actor's heart as she puts on a seductive display in the pages of France's Jalouse magazine.

The 25-year-old beauty looks sensational while posing on the Havard college campus for the back-to-school themed shoot, modelling in an array of thigh-skimming looks.

Rohrbach is 25, and DiCaprio is 40. Okay, I realize age in a relationship is not a factor anymore - especially in Hollywood - but how is Leonardo DiCaprio still a thing? The dude has been living off Titanic for eighteen years now. His current girlfriend was seven when it premiered. I mean, come on, man... leave some tail for the rest of us!


  1. If Leo showed interest in me....well, no I wouldn't be doing a photo shoot at Harvard in a hoochie mama outfit. However, I would turn out the lights and bang him like a screen door in a hurricane.

  2. You'd turn out the lights? I figured you'd want to see all of him.

    1. I don't want him to see ALL of me. I assure you, I will see all of him.

  3. Metoo - Then that's all that matters.

    Rick - Exactly.