Thursday, October 22, 2015

Puerto Rico: Too Big To Fail?

When I was a little stripling, my mother took a data entry job at Pan Am Airways. She worked out of Northeast Philadelphia Airport, which resembled the ramshackle terminal from the series "Wings."

One of the benefits of mom's employment was the airfare employee discount, and for some reason, my parents decided to take us to Puerto Rico when I was a teenager. It wasn't exactly DisneyWorld, but what the hell? The beaches were nice, the water was clear, but the area surrounding the resorts was a war zone.

Now, the "president" wants to take my tax dollars and bail out this Detroit-By-The-Sea.

The Obama administration is calling on Congress to provide Puerto Rico with the support it needs to emerge from a serious debt crisis.

The administration proposed a program that calls on Congress to approve restructuring of Puerto Rico's debt burden and provide oversight for a credible recovery plan. The plan calls for reforms to Puerto Rico's Medicaid program.

The administration says without congressional action Puerto Rico will face a "long and difficult recovery that could have harmful consequences for the residents on the island and beyond."

Pardon my Croatian, but who give a shit? Puerto Rico is not an American state, and many of those citizens who emigrate here - at least here in Philadelphia - are highly unappreciative of what this country has to offer. The villain in the Puerto Rican debt crisis is Puerto Rico. They made their entitlement-strewn hammock; now they can lie in it.


  1. Our government is $18 trillion in debt and our president wants to mortgage more of my kids and grandkids future on bailing out Puerto Rico. I used to think this administration was stocked with slow learners but they simply have no desire to act in the best interests of the citizens.

  2. I say let them bail themselves out

  3. Metoo - Agreed. It's not like the money is coming out of their pockets. It's coming out of ours.

    Rick - Exactly.

  4. Haven't we faced a long difficult road to recovery for the last 7 years?
    I am with you, f them or make them a state. This half assed, we hate America until we have a disaster crap is getting old.

  5. And it's everywhere from the Middle East to the perpetually aggrieved groups. "Screw America, now give us some money."