Monday, June 06, 2005

Back In The Saddle Again

See what happens? You can't take six months off without the whole world going to hell in a handbasket. After I pushed the red self-destruct button on my previous venture, "Middie Back!", Scott Peterson was found guilty (I think he did it, but he should have been acquitted on the flimsy evidence), Michael Jackson was put on trial (I think he's guilty, too, but will be acquitted thanks to flimsy evidence), and the Philadelphia Police Department still hasn't promoted Detectives (I'm still patiently waiting at #18 on the list)!

Well, I would love to say that I'm back by popular demand, but lying on the first post doesn't exactly set a good precedent with the readers. In fairness, my cousins Barb and Grant always say they enjoy my writing, and I appreciate it, but they blew it with me when they moved from Vancouver (home of the upcoming Winter Olympiad) to Florida. Just kidding! Although watching Olympic hockey in person would have been awesome.

Oh yeah, the NHL is still on lockout, but don't even get me started on that issue.

Thanks much for checking back, and I'll try not to screw up this blog.

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  1. Welcome back, you are blogrolled...again.