Friday, March 16, 2007

Weekend Caption Contest

Whiggin' Out Caption Contest
(Source - Yahoo! Sports)

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Rodney Dill
Cowboy Blob
Right Pundits

Top 10 Entries:
10. Upon seeing George Washington holding his head in dismay after having a vision of the future of his country: "C'mon George, it isn't that bad. It isn't like they'll try to change the spirit of our founding documents or anything." - RT
9. And as a result of this, hippies are rejoicing at the availability of free, unlimited energy derived from running a turbine off of George Washington in his grave. - JimmyB
8. School's fans agree to dress as women if they lose the big game even when they knew the team had no frakking chance. - AJ Lynch
7. Dumped for Tom Brady, Edgar's world came crashing down at the Pats game. - Cowboy Blob
6. Howard Dean's new plan to portray Democrats as patriotic involves a Revolutionary makeover. - John D
5. "Tis Well The Slaves Be Exercised With Such Sport, But Who Be In The Fields At Sunrise" - Deathlok
4. All of Lance's plans came together as he and his "friend" made it on the Kissing Cam! - Sssteve
3. Confused Norwegians attend a Pirates game. - McCain
2. "Oh my God, George! Where else have you slept?" - Wil

WINNER! DRUDGEBREAKING: Ann Coulter in the news and in the dog house again for calling men dressed as Civil War admirals a couple of Farraguts. Developing. - Rodney Dill

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