Friday, April 13, 2007

Weekend Caption Contest

Crocodile Handee Caption Contest
(Source: Reuters)

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Top Ten Entries:
10. "Bolex? I thought it was a Rolex!" - Timmeeee
9. "And now, please join PETA in welcoming our new spokescroc!" - Pam
8. In the words of Monty Python's Black Knight: "It's just a flesh wound!" - Kitty
7. The skinned remains of Kermit the Frog were found in the Philadelphia Zoo crocodile enclosure early this morning. Police suspect foul play. - Cowboy Blob
6. After that horrible experience, the poor zookeeper went out to Taiwan on. - AJ Lynch
5. "Anybody got some floss? I ate Chinese for lunch and have some stuck in my teeth." - The Man
4. "Is it too late for sharks with friggin' lasers on their head?" - Rodney Dill
3. "I just love finger food." - Wil
2. The injured zookeeper, speaking in broken English, had apparently asked the crocodile if he wanted a HAM sandwich." - Vincent Antonelli

WINNER! - "You can arrest him now, officer, he's been unarmed." - Noreen

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