Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Worst Finale . . . EVER!

Well, 24 wrapped up Day 6 in a neat, tidy package. The two-hour finale was terrific . . . until the last ten minutes or so. As a contributor at Blogs4Bauer, this may sound like heresy, but we blog about 24; we do not carry water for it. With that in mind, I decided to offer some alternatives to the schmaltzy ending we all had to suffer through. Hell, anything could have been better than THAT baloney, right?

The Top Ten Better Ways To End Day 6

10. Show footage of Milo Pressman's autopsy.
9. Al Gore rambles on about the consequences of a nuclear strike.
8. Marilyn Bauer serves Jack with a paternity suit.
7. Jack comes to the realization that his man-purse is really gay.
6. Chloe spends an hour paying her bills online.
5. Jack's mom arrives in time to kill Phillip Bauer with a swizzle stick.
4. The B4B contributors cameo as "Dead Henchmen #1-9."
3. Jack leaves work early to get a head start Memorial Day.
2. A drunk Jack Bauer eliminates Cheng by vomiting on his shoes.

And the number one better way to end Day 6 is . . .

1. Jack strangles Audrey while bedding Nina Myers' corpse.

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