Monday, June 25, 2007

100,000 Hit Celebration: Prologue

As of this posting, SYLG is about 500 visits away from number 100,000! If my hit trends follow their usual course, the blog will hit the magic number sometime on Wednesday. So, I wanted to post something unique on the big day. (Yeah, I know, 100,000 visits is small potatoes in some parts of the blogosphere, but it's awesome for a guy who can barely put a sentence together.)

So, with that, I am formally announcing the SYLG/Wyatt Earp 100,000 Hit Roast. Since you, the readers, have single-handedly helped SYLG reach this milestone, I am going to let you all participate in its success. Here is how the roast will work:

* Any reader who wishes to participate (whether you have a blog or not) can write an entry for the Roast. The topic should cover either SYLG or myself, but the content is purely of your own design. Try to use symbols to cover up your "sentence enhancers," if possible. No subject is off-limits except my family, of course.

* Entries should not exceed 99 words - that's my old lacrosse/ice hockey number - but as long as you are close to that number, I'll allow it. I'm not going to be a word Nazi.

* Entries must be received by midnight (EDT) on Tuesday, so they can be posted the day SYLG hits the mark. And if you have a blog, make sure you include your address, so I can give you some linky love in the compilation post. After the Roast entries are collected, I will compile them (unedited, save for a few "sentence enhancers") into one post, and publish them on 100,000 day.

* Finally, please don't submit your entries in the Comments section. Send them to my blog e-mail (philly_lawman (AT) yahoo (DOT) com) so as to not spoil the surprise for the readers. Good luck, and have at it!

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