Thursday, September 27, 2007

Squidward Presses The Flesh

I shouldn't even post this ridiculous story (or comment upon it), but I can't help myself.

Nutter Meets With Black Officers

The city's black officers met with their presumptive new boss last night, firing tough questions about racial bias on the police force, judicial caprice, witness protection, and his controversial stop-and-frisk policy.

And Democratic mayoral candidate Michael Nutter gave some surprisingly frank answers.

Now is the point in the story where I'd ask when our next presumptive mayor would meet with the Caucasian, Asian, and Latino officers. Oops, sorry. White officers cannot have a White Police Officer's Association. That would be racist. Let's continue, shall we?

He was handed a thick report that alleged racist practices within the police force and contained recommendations for addressing the problem that the league said were compiled several years ago.

"I'm not going to tolerate discrimination . . . in any department within city government," Nutter said.

As long as that goes both ways, I'm all for it. The White Police Officer's Association will be submitting their list a.s.a.p. Oh, wait . . . dang.

Nutter made a point of saying he had not appointed any of those serving in major positions in the city government. He stopped short of saying that he planned to replace Police Commissioner Sylvester M. Johnson, but noted: "Last year was last year. When you come to training camp next year, you're going to have to fight for your job."

An officer called out, "It's going to be a black and white issue."

"It's a black and white world," Nutter said.
(H/T - Philadelphia Inquirer)

Wonderful. This tool isn't even in office yet and the Guardian Civic League is handing him a list of "racist practices." And then he responds, "It's a black and white world?" Are they kidding? This is why my department is a laughing stock. This is why bloggers like Sebastian shake their head in disbelief. And rightfully so. This is why people are fleeing this town in droves.

As of this posting, Philadelphia's homicide count stands at 308. Every police officer in this city should be keeping their eyes on the ball here, instead of throwing race cards into a hat. When I joined this department in 1994, our academy instructors told us how it was going to be:

"You're not white. You're not black. From here on out, you're blue."

The sooner some of these fools get that through their thick skulls, the better off we'll be.

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