Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Specter Says He Will Run For Re-Election

And Pennsylvania's long nightmare will probably continue.
SUCCESSFUL politicians never stop running, and U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter is the archetype.

The 77-year-old Republican, first elected to the Senate in 1980, was unequivocal yesterday about seeking a sixth six-year term when his current one runs out in 2010.

"Am I going to run again? Yes," he told a group of about 150 people at the Arch Street United Methodist Church, Broad Street north of City Hall. "I feel good and I've got seniority. I'm very close to being chairman of the Appropriations Committee."

Specter's [later said] "We are trying to find a way out of Iraq ... without totally destabilizing the area."

He said he supported a proposal from U.S. Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., seeking to reduce strife among Iraq's religious factions by dividing the country into three regions. (H/T - Philadelphia Daily News)
This guy defines the term RINO (Republican In Name Only). That's probably why he is so popular in the Democrat wasteland that is Philadelphia, and probably why the local uber-liberal papers give him fluff pieces like this. He sides with the ultra-liberals in Congress so often that he barely escaped the last election with his hide. The central and western parts of Pennsylvania hate his guts, and he is usually only welcomed in Philly and Scranton.

But, he is a smart politician, since he realizes many people who vote are morons with very short memories. No one will remember his partnerships with Biden and Kennedy. No one will remember his wavering support of the troops. No one will remember that he rarely votes with his party. Why? Because in the last few weeks of the next election, he will sign some meaningless bill or put forth some worthless legislation that appeals to the right.

And people will re-elect this piece of detritus yet again.

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